How We Work

It is our intention to perform our services as efficiently as possible and with little disruption to the day-to-day operations of our clients. We achieve these efficiencies through up front planning and coordination.

Our organizational structure ensures that partners and managers are accessible and directly involved in each engagement. From planning to completion, partners and managers are significantly involved. We believe that this approach allows us to establish a solid business relationship and address some of the more technical engagement matters during fieldwork, so that they are completed and resolved timely and efficiently.

Our staff turnover is minimal. In the past three years, we have retained approximately 90% of our original staff while adding several professionals to account for firm growth.  We believe this is a result of providing our staff with challenging and rewarding work while also advocating for an appropriate work/life balance.  We understand the importance of retaining our talented staff, and we strive to provide opportunities for professional and personal growth and to promote a pleasant working environment.

Finally, we believe that a successful relationship with your independent accountants goes far beyond the compliance aspects of the audit and governmental reporting services. We do not believe that an audit is a “once a year” event, but rather that an independent accounting firm should have continuous contact with its clients throughout the year. We understand that a client’s ability to “pick up the phone” and have a knowledgeable advisor available to answer questions is very important.

We encourage our clients to contact us as issues arise so that questions may be discussed and resolved in a timely manner. This type of relationship fosters an environment of trust and keeps us informed of the important issues affecting our clients and their projects.