IRS Allows Taxpayers Electronically Filing Form 1040-X to Choose Direct Deposit (IR-2023-22)

IRS Allows Taxpayers Electronically Filing Form 1040-X to Choose Direct Deposit (IR-2023-22)

The IRS announced that taxpayers electronically filing their Form 1040-X, Amended U.S Individual Income Tax Return, will for the first time be able to select direct deposit for any resulting refund. Previously, taxpayers had to wait for a paper check for any refund, a step that added time onto the amended return process. Following IRS system updates, taxpayers filing amended returns can now enjoy the same speed and security of direct deposit as those filing an original Form 1040 tax return. Taxpayers filing an original tax return using tax preparation software can file an electronic Form 1040-X if the software manufacturer offers that service. This is the latest step the IRS is taking to improve service this tax filing season.

Further, as part of funding for the Inflation Reduction Act, the IRS has hired over 5,000 new telephone assistors and is adding staff to IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TACs). The IRS also plans special service hours at dozens of TACs across the country on four Saturdays between February and May. No matter how a taxpayer files the amended return, they can still use the Where’s My Amended Return? online tool to check the status. Taxpayers still have the option to submit a paper version of Form 1040-X and receive a paper check. Direct deposit is not available on amended returns submitted on paper. Current processing time is more than 20 weeks for both paper and electronically filed amended returns.

“This is a big win for taxpayers and another achievement as we transform the IRS to improve taxpayer experiences,” said IRS Acting Commissioner Doug O’Donnell. “This important update will cut refund time and reduce inconvenience for people who file amended returns. We always encourage directdeposit whenever possible. Getting tax refunds into taxpayers’ hands quickly without worry of a lost or stolen paper check just makes sense.”

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