Abusive Tax Avoidance Schemes Round Out IRS “Dirty Dozen,” IR-2023-67

Abusive Tax Avoidance Schemes Round Out IRS “Dirty Dozen,” IR-2023-67

The IRS closed out the 2023 Dirty Dozen campaign with a warning for taxpayers to beware of promoters peddling tax avoidance schemes. These schemes are primarily targeted at high income individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate their tax obligation. The IRS advice taxpayers to seek services from an independent, trusted tax professional and to avoid promotres focused on aggressively marketing and pushing questionable transactions.

The IRS has compiled a list of 12 scams and schemes that put taxpayers and tax professionals at risk. Some of them are:

  • micro-captive insurance arrangements: is an insurance company whose owners elect to be taxed on the captive’s investment income only;
  • syndicated conservation easements: are arrangements wherein they attempt to game the system with grossly inflated tax deductions;
  • offshore accounts & digital assets: unscrupulous promoters lure taxpayers into placing their asssets in offshore accounts under the pretense of being untraceable by the IRS;
  • maltese individual retirement arrangements misusing treaty: are arrangements wherein the taxpayers attempt to avoid tax by contributing to foreign individual retirement arrangements in Malta; and
  • puerto rican and other foreign captive insurance: are transactions wherein the business owners of closely held entities participate in a purported insurance arrangement with a Puerto Rican or other foreign corporation in which they have a financial interest.

Taxpayers are adviced to to rely on reputable tax professionals they know and trust to avoid such schemes. The IRS has also created the Office of Fraud Enforcement (OFE) and Office of Promoter Investigations (OPE) to coordinate service-wide enforcement activities against taxpayers committing tax fraud and promoters marketing and selling abusive tax avoidance transactions and schemes to effectuate tax evasion.

As part of the Dirty Dozen awareness effort, the IRS encourages people to report taxpayers who promote improper and abusive tax schemes as well as tax return preparers who deliberately prepare improper returns. To report an abusive tax scheme or a tax return preparer, taxpayers should mail or fax a completed and any supporting materials to the IRS Lead Development Center in the Office of Promoter Investigations. The postal address is: Internal Revenue Service Lead Development Center Stop MS5040 24000 Avila Road Laguna Niguel, California 92677-3405 Fax: 877-477-9135.

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