IRS Details Application Process for 2024 Bonus Energy Investment Credits in Low-Income Communities, IR-2024-86; Rev. Proc. 2024-19

IRS Details Application Process for 2024 Bonus Energy Investment Credits in Low-Income Communities, IR-2024-86; Rev. Proc. 2024-19

For purposes of the energy investment credit, the IRS released 2024 application and allocation procedures for the environmental justice solar and wind capacity limitation under the low-income communities bonus credit program. Many of the procedures reiterate the rules in Reg. §1.48(e)-1 and Rev. Proc. 2023-27, but some special rules are also provided.

The guidance superseded Rev. Proc. 2023-27 for the 2024 program year only.

Submitting an Application

The IRS will publicly announce the opening and closing dates for the 2024 Program year application period on the Department of Energy (DOE) landing page for the Program (Program Homepage) at DOE will not accept new application submissions for the 2024 Program year after 11:59 PM ET on the date the application period closes. The owner of the solar or wind facility is the person who must apply for an allocation and is the recipient of any awarded allocation.

An applicant must apply for an allocation of Capacity Limitation through DOE online Program portal system (Portal) at Applicants must register in the Portal before they can begin the application process; and they must create a account before accessing the Portal. The Program Homepage includes an Applicant User Guide.

Identifying Category and Sub-Reservation

In addition to the other information detailed below, the application must identify the relevant facility category:

  • — Category 1: Project Located in a Low-Income Community (and the application must also specify whether the facility is a behind the meter (BTM) or front of the meter (FTM) facility),
  • — Category 2: Project Located on Indian Land,
  • — Category 3: Qualified Low-Income Residential Building Project, or
  • — Category 4: Qualified Low-Income Economic Benefit Project.

An applicant may submit only one application for the 2024 program year. Thus, if an applicant wishes to change its chosen category (or its Category 1 sub-reservation), it must withdraw its first application and submit a second one. Otherwise, any application submitted after the first application is treated as a duplicate application.

Application Contents

The application must contain all required information, documentation, and attestations submitted under penalties of perjury by a person who has personal knowledge of the relevant facts. That person must also be legally authorized to bind the applicant entity for federal income tax purposes, to communicate with DOE about the application, and to receive notifications, letters, and other communications from DOE and the IRS.

The guidance details the required information regarding the applicant and the facility, as well as the required documentation. The guidance also describes the information that must be submitted if an applicant wants to be considered under the additional ownership criteria or the additional geographic criteria. The DOE may require additional information in its publicly available written procedures.

DOE Review and Selection

DOE will review applications and provide a recommendation to the IRS. If the DOE identifies an error in the application, such as missing or incorrect information or documentation, it will notify the applicant through the Portal. The applicant will have 12 business days to correct the information; otherwise, DOE will treat the application as withdrawn.

Once the application period opens for the 2024 Program year, all applications submitted during the first 30 days are treated as submitted at the same time. DOE will publicly announce on the Program Homepage the opening and closing dates of this 30-day period. If applications during this period exhaust the available allocation for a category, DOE will conduct an allocation lottery. After the 30-day period, DOE will review applications in the order they are submitted until the available capacity in the identified category is allocated.

Receiving an Allocation and Claiming the Bonus Credit

After the IRS receives the DOE recommendation, it will award an allocation or reject the application. The IRS will send final decision letters through the Portal, which will identify the amount of any allocation awarded. However, an allocation is not a final determination that the facility is eligible for the bonus credit.

The owner of a facility that receives an allocation must use the Portal to report the date the facility is placed in service. The guidance details the additional information the owner must provide with the notification. After the facility is placed in service, and the owner submits the additional documentation and attestations, the owner is notified that it may claim the bonus credit.

After the IRS awards all the Capacity Limitation within each facility category, or the 2024 Program year is closed, DOE will stop reviewing applications. At the end of the 2024 Program year, no further action will be taken on applications that were not awarded an allocation. DOE will publicly announce on the Program Homepage when the 2024 Program year closes.

Effect on Other Documents

Rev. Proc. 2023-27, I.R.B. 2023-35, 655, is superseded solely with respect to the 2024 program year.


Rev. Proc2024-19

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