Transition Relief Guidance for Employers Claiming the WOTC

The IRS issued transition relief for certain employers claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) under Code Sec. 51. This would apply for certain employees beginning work after December 31, 2020, in response to legislation permitting the designation of an Empowerment Zone under Code Sec. 1393(b) to be extended from December 31, 2020, through December 31, 2025. Specifically, section IV of this notice provides transition relief by extending the 28-day deadline for employers to request certification from a designated local agency that an individual who begins work on or after January 1, 2021, and before October 9, 2021, is a member of the Designated Community Resident targeted group or the Qualified Summer Youth Employee targeted group.

Additional Time to Submit Form 8850
The IRS stated that employers may need additional time to comply with the certification requirements of Code Sec. 51(d)(13)(A)(ii). Because the termination dates designated in Empowerment Zone nominations are not automatically extended until after the deadline in Rev. Proc. 2021-18, I.R.B. 2021-15 for submitting a written declination has passed, employers that hired an individual who is a Designated Community Resident or a Qualified Summer Youth Employee and who began work for that employer on or after January 1, 2021, may not have submitted Form 8850 to the designated local agency within 28 days of the individual beginning work. To be eligible for the relief provided by this notice, an employer that did not submit Form 8850 to the DLA within 28 days of an individual beginning work must submit the completed Form 8850 to the DLA.

An employer that hires an individual who is a Designated Community Resident or a Qualified Summer Youth Employee and who begins work for the employer on or after October 9, 2021, is not eligible for the transition relief described in this notice with respect to that new employee.

Effective Date
The effective date of this notice is August 10, 2021

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